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My tribute to you grandad is this site. You always encouraged me in my art and design, and working just around the corner for a couple of years brought us even closer. Now 16 years after this note of encouragement I'm proving that I haven't wasted my talent and I'm putting it to the best possible use, remembering you.

I know you're looking down from heaven
And I won't let you down
I'll be everything you taught me
And all that I know is I'll wait
Patiently to see you in heaven.

Happy Birthday Grandad, love you and miss you, Anthony.


My Dad - Sean

My dad was a good man, he had his faults as do we all, but then no one is perfect.
I for one had my differences with him, as he had with me, but we both had a good respect for one another and both of us had problems showing affection.

My dad was brought up in an environment where men were supposed to be hard and not show emotion. Yet when I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life and spoke to him about it, he backed me and told me that he would be there for me whenever I needed him.

As a young man of 19 he went away to war, this certainly had an impact on him; however he never spoke of it to his family or me.

I never knew that he had been to war until I was in my teens, I wish he had been able to sit with me to recount his experiences, I am sure it would have been good for him to get those memories and experiences out of his head and I would have enjoyed being a part of it by sharing it with him. I am very proud of my Dad, in the man he was and still is to me, and what he did as a young man.

I think in later life he realised that he had a family that loved him; although he never said it I know he loved us all. I loved my Dad unfortunately I never got the chance to tell him that.

My Dad was a hero in so many ways to all of us, not least of all when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and told he only had a year to live. He would not tell my Mum about it or what lay ahead. I know he was scared but he did not show it as always he took it on the chin.

He did not want to upset or worry her, it must have been terribly hard burden for him over the last few weeks of his life, and no one can imagine it unless it happens to them.He knew he would never see her or us again, but as always he grinned and bared it right up to the end. He never complained or asked why it had happened to him.

If there is one thing I have learned form my experiences with my Dad, it’s to make sure I tell my children how much I love them and how much they mean to me, life is too short not to, none of us knows what’s around the corner.

Dad, I will never forget you or what you for me and for all of us as a family, there is hardly a day goes by when I don’t think of you or speak of you. Miss you.

Love you always Dad

There is always a candle lighting in my house for you Dad, love & miss you Sean.


My Dad - Eileen

This is a tribute to Bernard Gregory, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend. It’s a tribute to Bernard Gregory, soldier, civilian, Manchunian. It’s a tribute to Bernard Gregory – my dad.

I miss you dad. I’m always trying to go as back as far as I can and bring to my mind my first ever memory of you. I have a vague recollection of living in Wellington Barracks, Bury, Manchester. We all lived in ‘married quarters’. I can just about remember you in uniform and working in the stores. I remember too when you shot a dog because it attacked a cow in a field nearby. Strange that I recall that. I must have only been about 4 or 5 years old at the time.

Next memory I think has to be in Brabazon Square. About 1960. You would put Sean, Bernie and myself to bed. (Denise didn’t arrive until 1964) We would then ask you to tell us a story. I used to love those times. You would tell us the most fascinating tales of your time during the war. But never with any gruesome details or sad endings. They were always adventurous tales of fun and you held us captive until the very end. Then of course was the usual ‘Dark, Dark Street’ episode which always ended up with your saying very slowly – Dark…… Dark……. Ghost! This would frighten the life out of us. But I loved it. What I didn’t love was Saturday nights. That was when you would give us all a bath, one by one in front of the fire. It was a tin bath. And how you used that sponge to work up suds. They always went up my nose!

Painting and decorating were your speciality. Every Christmas you would re-paper the sitting room and paint the doors. You used to let us help you ‘trim’ the edges off the wallpaper and then play with the excess paper. And I remember helping you mix the paste too.

And we were one of the first people in the Square to have a car. Well a van actually, that you had on loan for the company you worked for. Uncle Kevin taught you to drive.

The memories continue. As I reached my teens you and I had a lot of ‘differences’. But somehow we managed to get over them. I realise now anything you said or did were for my own good and I would like to think that today I am a better person because of the way you brought me up. Correcting and advising me in all areas of my adult life. You’ve passed on many values for which I am and will always be truly grateful for - and - hopefully I in turn can pass these values on to my children.

Speaking of my children, I know how fond you were of Anthony, Vincent, Jane and Gerard. Always encouraging each one and never doubting their ability to do anything they wanted. You always told me how proud you were of them and were always thrilled to see them come and visit. And I know dad, how much they all loved you. They still do, and miss you very much.

And what about Tony? I know you two were very close – but I still don’t know who encouraged who to do what!! He loved going out with you for ‘a pint’. When you left us dad, Tony lost a friend and a buddy. You have a special place in his heart, I know that for sure. Like the children, he still misses you too.

With our Katelyn arriving I became the ‘grand-parent’, but you would always have the best position of ‘patriarch’. I’m sorry you won’t get to see Katelyn grow up. I know she would have loved you and you would have been smitten with her. As she grows up I will tell her all about ‘great-grandad Bernard. I have so much to tell her, and in a way this tribute will be a good start.

I cannot finish without mentioning mam. I know how much you loved her. That showed so much. I remember when I was very young, you handing up your pay packet – UNOPENED! I don’t think too many men would do that nowadays. And I always remember when Bernie and Denise and myself would go shopping you never questioned what she spent. As a matter of fact if she mentioned seeing something but didn’t buy it you made sure she went back next day and bought it. Generous, that’s what you were. You never ever question what money she spent, or for that matter who she gave it to. As you got older and mam got sick you looked after her full time. Cooking her meals, making sure she got her tablets on time. And even doing the shopping with her. Dressing her, cleaning her. You really did mean for better or for worse. Mam loved the fact that you were English. She didn’t always let on, but she said it more than once to me. I know she misses you dad, when she remembers that is. But I’m making sure she doesn’t forget you Dad, despite her illness.

When we used to go to Blackpool you and mam went everywhere together. (Except if mam slipped out early in the morning to go to the market!) They were great trips. The whole gang of us. (And you were paying for us all, another aspect of your generosity.) Walking along the prom, in the Tower Ballroom. And the British Legion club. What a laugh, you trying to get us all in on one pass!!

And finally dad, looking back on the ‘Family Tree’ I have compiled, I just want to say how grateful I am to you for all the information and photographs you gave me. You never got fed up with me asking questions. I learned so much about the ‘Gregory’ side of the family that it will be hard to find out very much more. I am so proud to be your daughter. I am so proud to be part of the ‘Gregory’ clan. I am so very proud to call you My Dad.
Love and miss you always,

Eileen x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

My Dad - Bernadette

I Bernadette McCormack(Nee Gregory) Bernard's third eldest child would
like to say I regard my late father as been a very strong, optimistic man
who would take on anybody who would dare to take him on regarding matters
where he was right.

My Dad - Denise

Thank you for all you gave me. Courage to fight my corner (even with you),
confidence to do what I wanted, encouragement when I wanted to give up.
You always had my best interest at heart, defending me when others hurt or upset me.
The tenderness you showed, I still feel when I remember it.

Like any father and daughter we had our ups and downs, but all in all we did love each other.

I am proud to be your daughter.

Love Denise.


Bernard, my girlfriend's father, at first a bit wary
Bernard, my father-in-law, always there to lend a helping hand
Bernard, my children's grandfather, encouraged and constantly showed an interest in them
Bernard, my friend, gone - NO - always my friend.

Never, forgotten, Tony.



Grandad growing up i was always told i was like you in so many ways! My looks (especially when i broke my front tooth just like you above) my love for football, my knack of getting into confrontations, it was something i was always very proud of and loved hearing.

I have so many fond memories going back years, there are all the times in Blackpool and Bray when we were kids, to the time you came to London and watched me play in the cup final for my school. You always would remind me about how well I played that day and would have me feeling 10 feet tall. You were still telling me when I was 25.

As a child I loved you because you were a terrific grandparent but it wasn’t till I was 18 that I began to love you as a friend as well. I used to love going for a pint with you, my dad and Anthony and then later Gerard joined us. It was when we got to see the real you, Enjoying your pint, telling jokes that would have us in stitches and telling us the real stories about the war not the sugar coated ones from when we were kids. We all got very close during these times you would even ring me when Man City beat Blackburn to rub it in like any mate would. I will always remember those times as they were and still are very special to me.

One thing that makes me so happy is that you got to meet my family, Jen and Katelyn Rose. Jen only got to meet you a few times but I know you made a big impact on her. Katelyn is the apple of my eye. Although you’re not with us she knows who you are thanks to my mam. When she see's a picture of you she knows straight away who it is. I know for a fact she would have loved you because she loves attention and you gave us so much of that when we were kids. You’ll love how well she get’s on with granny, she asks my mam every time were in there house to go down to see her. Katelyn will be brought up on the stories of how her great grandad was the bravest man her daddy knew.

Miss you more each day.

Love Vin


Its funny, today I sit and look at your fantastic site, Anthony really is a star, and I am in floods of tears, memories are flooding my head, some sad, like visiting the Hospice, but mostly happy like our many trips to Blackpool or even out to Bray . I loved the way when we would be on the phone you would tell me “Your looking well!“ .You were a inspiration to many, including me, I probably became a Chef because of Lancashire Hot Pot! Unfortunately you passed away two days before I get married, I hope you
would have been proud of me. I missed you being there to have fun, to have a few pictures with you oh and a few pints! You would also be very proud of my Dad, he’s a terrific Grandad, you wouldn’t believe it! I miss you very much, I miss the fact that you haven’t been able to see Tadhg grow up, I am now pregnant again and I am so proud that I will be able to show both my children this fantastic tribute to a truly Great Grandfather.
I miss you much Grandad, Thank you for everything. Love Jen


My tribute to my grandfather is not really a memory, it’s a name. Always
being able to have that connection with him is something I hold dear to my
heart. I have a tough act to follow as my grandfather and father are two
amazing men but even if I never come close to what they have done in there
lives I will always be a Gregory and that is something nobody will ever take
away. When I have children I cant wait to show them this website and say
“this is your great grandfather and great is an understatement” .


I dedicate this verse to Bernard a 'fellow Brit' who welcomed me with such warmth
into his family.

I met him in the last year of his life, his humour, generosity and verve for life
showed me, that he had lost none of his 'Englishness' His bravery in keeping his
pain private so as to save his family pain and upset proved his' stiff upper lip'
never left him. I was proud to know him and call him a friend, even if for a
short time.

God Bless Bernard x

True Brit
To be true to the red white and blue
To honour the flag in all that you do

Look to your country and set yourself a goal
Hold your head high and never act the fool

Wherever you are in the world there’ll be
A true Brit near by who’ll be there for you

A sense of honour and worth
Always to hand the Brit sense of mirth


24th November 2008
John McCarthy

Bernard was my uncle. He married my aunt jinny. Bernard and my dad also john, were in the army together. I always remember family outings to donabate in the summer. They were great days with all the family together. What can I say about Bernard? Just a few words," he was a gentleman". John Mc Carthy Perth western australia

24th November 2008
Karen Allen

This is the Manchester contigency here. I have always loved the Irish connections within our family as much as Uncle Bernard loved his Manchester roots. When I was 11 I passed my 11 plus for Loreto convent in Moss side ( a stones throw really from where Uncle bernard and my nanna winnie his sister were brought up). We won't knock him for being a city fan (we are all united) ha, ha. I was taken by aunty mary's daughter "young mary" as uncle bernard use to call her to the house in ballyfermot. Sean took me to the st pat's day parade and also to the cinema to see star wars (the original one) I loved it in Dublin , to me then as a child I was in some exotic climate. I know Uncle bernard always took an interest in my two children Lee and Tom( yes we kept that name in the family didn't we) Lee is very very musical and has played piano and clarinet since he was a very small child , playing for the trafford orchestra since he was 11 and the halle youth orchestra(based in uncle bernards's home city , manchester) sicne he was 15 , now he is 18 and going to Birmingham Conservatoire in sept to do a batchelors degree in music performance for 4 years. Tom is the sporty one and business brains who is always making money £5 can turn into £25 with Tom., he is waiting for his GCSE results next month. Tom has the Irish looks red hair and green eyes , also got his off my dad Roy , another fan of Uncle bernard's and my dad loved all the history in Dublin and spent hours wandering around with Uncle Bernard( i think the guinness factory was their passion , ha , ha) When my dad was killed 7 years ago Uncle Bernard and your dad came rushing over at the drop of a hat. I thank them for that. My mum as you know was very ill in hospital when Uncle Bernard died and they would not let her travel, she was absolutely distraught, she wanted so much to be there, I said to my mum (margaret) that Uncle bernard would understand but this didn't console her. 4 Years ago I got married to my second husband and stayed at kilkea castle in county kildare for my honeymoon , hired a car went to wexford , waterford all over to see my roots. i said to my husband Rick , let's cut he honeymoon short and go and see Uncle Bernard and aunty jinny in Dublin. This we did a booked in at Jury's across the road, we were made to feel very welcome and your nanna gave me some of her wonderful crocheting, it was beautiful . I miss him very much, let's not lose touch as I know Uncle Bernard would have hated that the website is very moving I am close to tears now.